Lanman Rayne


Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.


As business owners ourselves, we know why you started your own business: service, freedom, and creating something you believe in. And with all that comes essential administrative, legal, and tax work—that’s where we can help. With tax planning and legal services, we offer a coordinated approach to business law and tax compliance. We will work closely with you to create effective, efficient solutions to your legal and tax needs.

We can help you with:

  • Starting a new business

  • General business advising, including tax

  • Buying or selling a business

  • Contract drafting or review

  • Business succession planning

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The best part about working with Lanman Rayne is that I always leave meetings in a good mood. Kate and her team take the time to make sure that I have clarity and know my options on legal matters and documents that affect my business. I feel lucky to have such smart, kind attorneys as part of my extended team.
— Becky McKinnnell, President, iBec Creative